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Our Catering menu

An attractive selection of our quality sandwiches and salads prepared to serve gatherings of people.

10 people and up
A selection of meats and cheeses on a tray. Your guests can build their favorite sandwich on our freshly baked breads. We send the mustard, mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato on the side.
$8.00 per person

Add onions, spinach, pickles, sprouts and banana peppers on the side.
$1.00 per person

(10 people and up)
An assortment of cold sandwiches prepared with lettuce and tomato. We send the mayo and mustard on the side.
$7.00 per person

Add onions, spinach, pickles, sprouts and banana peppers on the side.
$1.00 per person

Potato Salad    $2.00 per person
Pasta Salad     $2.00 per person
Fruit Cup (when available)  $2.00 per person
Soup (Cup)      $4.00 per person
Side Salad       $3.95 per person
Beverage         $1.50 per person

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Small (15-20 people)  Medium (25-30 people) Large (35-40 people)

A colorful assortment of Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots, Radishes and Green Onions, served with traditional Ranch Dip.
$29.95  Small
$39.95  Medium
$49.95  Large

A fresh variety of seasonal fruits.
$39.95  Small
$59.95  Medium
$69.95  Large

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  *   *

Meat Selection*:
Ham, Roast Beef, Corned Beef, Turkey Breast, Smoked Turkey Breast, Pastrami, Salami, Tuna Salad.

Cheese Selection:
Swiss, American, Provolone, Cheddar, Hot Pepper.

Bread Selection:
Wheat, New York Light Rye, White, Sour Dough, Marble, Pumpernickel, Sub Roll, French Loaf, Ciabatta Sandwich Roll, Focaccia Sandwich Roll.

*Premium Sandwiches are also available for an additional fee. Please add the difference between the price of the premium sandwich and the $5.95 base price. See our lunch menu for choices.

The fast and easy way to feed many or few...

Sandwich, Potato Chips and Cookie
Sandwich, Side, Cookie


Potato Salad, Pasta Salad, Fruit Cup

Sandwiches include lettuce and tomato.

Assorted Bread, Meat and Cheese unless otherwise specified

Mayonnaise, Mustard, Napkin and Utensils are provided.


*WE NOW OFFER PREMIER DINNER OR BRUNCH CATERING FOR ALL EVENTS AND OCCASIONS. Please Contact Catrina Mills, Exec Chef for menu and pricing options* 



Visit our cafe and treat yourself to a delicious breakfast or lunch featuring our freshly baked breads.

Hearth baked Italian & French bread, Dinner rolls, Sub rolls, Sandwich breads, Sandwich buns, Ciabatta and Pane Abruzzi.